Aerial Unit R-21/X Horde

Join us for Megadungeon Operation: Mechagon Hard Mode and get your mount Aerial Unit R-21/X. Items 415+ ilvl with Special Effects, Azerite Armor with a few unique traits, Azerite Essence Vision of Perfection.


1-2 hours

Price: 39,90 €

in EUR

You should know:

I have just purchased Aerial Unit R-21/X – what is the next step?

Be patient and wait until we will contact you.

Can I play with you?

Yes, you can play with us.

How long does it take?

About 1-2 hours.

What will I get?

Aerial Unit R-21/X mount, items 415+ ilvl, Azerite Essence Vision of Perfection. Also, you have a chance to get Azerite Armor, 2-Set bonus rings, pets and mount Mechagon Peacekeeper.

What if I don´t have a gear and I am not familiar with tactics?

You don´t need any of that.

My character is in a different realm, is it a problem?

No problem at all.