"Just another e-shop with WoW boosts?"

We are definitely not „just another “and we are not new in the business. We have been boosting characters since 2012 and till now we have been focused on Czech and Slovakian market only.

“Why should I choose you?”

  1. Maybe you gonna ask why are we so cheap. A salary in the Czech republic and Slovakia is quite low, therefore we can offer you prices which are suitable for us and extremely cheap for people from abroad. 
  2. We have been boosting for over 5 years, we have learned many shortcuts and tricks, therefore we can provide you quality service for a cheap price.
  3. Still Hesitating? Check this out - maybe it will help you to decide.

We want to help you to enjoy the game without spending your life chained to the keyboard.

If you want to know more, just leave us a message on live chat. In case we are AFK or offline don’t worry, we will get back to you soon as possible.      

 Enough talking – Check our offer.