Lightforged Draenei

We will help you unlock Allied Race Lightforged Draenei with the great mount  Lightforged Felcrusher.


Price: 39,90 €

in EUR

You should know:

I have just purchased Lightforged Draenei, what will be the next step?

Be patient and wait until we will contact you.

Any special requirements?

110 lvl character on a faction you wish to unlock your preferred Allied Race for (Void Elf and Lightforged Draenei on the Alliance side). Account sharing.

Is it possible to login to my account during the boost?

Of course, it is possible – the boost can take a few days or weeks until we will finish it. We will just make a schedule depending on your playtime.

How long does it take?

That depends on how many parts you have already done. It takes about 2 weeks.